Dyna Lync Solutions - Managed Services

Outsource your project to be managed and executed by highly talented Dyna Lync team

Managed Services

Dyna Lync's Managed Services comprises of a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage our client’s IT computing environment as a single entity — with a single point of accountability. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Desktop Management Solutions
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Managed Server Hosting
  • Managed Security Solutions
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions

Desktop Management Solutions

Our desktop management solutions include the following:

  • Asset inventory management
  • Desktop data protection
  • Desktop security
  • Desktop support
    • Deep Scan
    • Patch Management
    • Self help
    • Help desk
Dyna Lync Managed Desktop Solutions

Network Management Solutions

Our network management solutions provide clients the ability to detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues before they turn into costly downtime.

  • Router & WAN monitoring
  • Network switch monitoring
Dyna Lync Network Management Solutions

Managed Server Hosting

Our managed server hosting solutions align our clients' systems with their business objeectives. It consists of the following:

  • Server monitodring
  • Service monitoring
  • Event logging & monitoring
  • CPU, memory & disk utilization monitoring
Dyna Lync Managed Server Solutions

Managed Security Solutions

Our managed security solutions includes everything to protect your network and the critical data in it.

  • Managed intrusion prevention
  • Managed scanning
  • Threat intelligence
  • managed enterprise security monitoring
  • Managed intrusion detection
  • Managed firewall services
Dyna Lync Managed Security Solutions

Cloud Hosting Solutions

Our cloud hosting solutions priovide clients with a scalable, secure, robust, flexible and economic IT infrastructure environment.

  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud Lab
  • Private Cloud
  • Virtual Cloud
  • Private Storage cloud
  • Cloud virtual desktop interface
  • Cloud computing workshops
  • Design & implementation
  • Managed services
Dyna Lync cloud Hosting Solutions